Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are your performers?

A: All of our performers are professional opera singers with years of experience.

Q: How much does an Operagram cost?

A: Operagrams range in price depending on what you’re looking for, ranging from $50 for a telephone call Operagram to $200 for a Zoom concert. Explore our full range of options in our store.

Q: What music is available?

A: We have dozens of pieces available in our repertoire, sung by professional opera singers. Each artist has a number of pieces they offer and some pieces are offered by more than one artist. We offer special selections for the holidays and—if you can’t find your favorite piece—you can always make a request and we’ll do our best to accommodate that request.

Q: Are the Operagrams live or recorded?

A: Some Operagrams, like our Telephone, Zoom Concert, Zoom Holiday Operagrams, and our coming-soon In-Person Operagrams are live performances. Other Operagrams, including our Duet Operagram, are recorded.

Q: How are the recorded Operagrams delivered?

A: Recorded Operagrams are delivered via email, via a shared file in a Google drive, and with a private link to a video posted on YouTube, visible only to those who have been given the link.

Q: Can I include a dedication with my Operagram?

A: Of course! Our Operagram order pages provide a space for a dedication to the person you’re sending the Operagram to. This helps to assure your gift recipient that this Operagram was recorded explicitly for them for whatever special occasion—or for any occasion—you like. Our artists are happy to include as much of a greeting as you provide.

Q: How many songs are included in each Operagram?

A: Our standard Operagrams—telephone, recorded, and duet—are one song apiece. If you would like more, you can request a Zoom Concert, in which our artist will provide a fifteen-minute set of selections of your choosing. The Zoom Concert can also be recorded so that you have a memory of the performance.

Q: Do you offer anything special for birthdays?

A: Yes! If you are sending someone an Operagram for their birthday, you have the option to include a performance of Happy Birthday with your Operagram for an additional $25. You can select this option when you make your purchase.

Q: What if I have a questions that is not listed here?

A: You can contact us at any time using our Contact Form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an answer to your question!